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Season 6 - The Haxxor!

Season 6
Season 1 08/17/2020
Season 2 09/01/2020
Chapter 1
Season 3 10/01/2020
Season 4 11/01/2020
Season 5 12/01/2020
Chapter 2
Season 6 01/03/2021
Season 7 02/01/2021
Season 8 02/28/2021
Season 9 03/31/2021
Season 10 04/30/2021
Season 11 05/31/2021
Season 12 06/30/2021
Season 13 07/31/2021
Season 14 08/31/2021
Season 15 09/30/2021
Season 16 10/31/2021
Season 17 11/30/2021
Season 18 12/31/2021
Season 19 01/31/2022
Season 20 02/28/2022
Season 21 03/31/2022
Season 22 04/30/2022
Season 23 05/31/2022
Season 24 06/30/2022
Season 25 07/31/2022
Season 26 08/31/2022




Cybuck is found to be contraband from a very specific shop in Detonation Avenue. The blue authorities raid the shop only to find it abandoned with remains of advanced blueprints and tech. It seems the red army has already raided the shop and taken most of the research.

Meanwhile, cyborgs start activating across Planet Doh, pretending to be other people and stealing information and hacking into different systems from both sides.



No new Brawl has been added for this Season.

Season Pass


Along with the Season 6 launch, we will also release the Season Pass during the same time period.

The Season Pass is a $4.99 pack that offers the following perks:

  • Season XL chests (Season participation required)
  • Exclusive Season Skin! (Season participation required)
  • Season Taunt and Text Bubble! (Season participation required)
  • Perk: Queue chests automatically
  • Perk: Unlock the Lord Pigmore skin
  • Perk: 5 Gems for each of your Club members
  • Access to Season Only Missions on the Season Board.

Players can purchase the Season Pass at any time as long as the Season is running. All the locked Season rewards on previous milestones can also be redeemed after the purchase. The Season Pass is NOT a subscription pack, meaning players need to manually purchase Season Pass if they want to get the new rewards and maintain the perks (ie. Queue chests automatically).

Brawl Sales


There will be a Brawl Sale every weekend, corresponding to the Brawl that has been programmed in the Calendar.


One new unit will be released this month.

Unity Info
Troop Type
Doh Cost
Main Skills
Aim it to run over the nearest enemy. Roadkill will keep driving, bouncing off the edges of the map.
During the Battle of Foggybottom, the town school bus was repurposed and renamed. Eating inside is still not allowed.



We will release the following vanity content. Please note the Season content is only collectible for Season Pass holders.



Season Avatar:







Grand Master

Grand Master



Season Skin: Commander Onesie
Skin Class: Protector
Special Power- Sleepover: While the Commander is asleep, Troops and Buildings gain damage reduction.



Season Dance: Blaze
Grand Master Dance: The Squeek



Season Taunt: Hacking it!
Master Taunt: Self-Comfort
Grand Master Taunt: Ready for Pain?

Taunts Icons


Season Taunt: Hacking it!
Master Taunt: Self-Comfort
Grand Master Taunt: Ready for Pain?

Text Bubbles


Grand Master

Cloud Mounts (Purely cosmetic)


Master Cloud: Angry
Grand Master Cloud: Happy

Balance Changes


None for S6

Season Power Reset


At the start of every Season, Power will be reset for players that are in the Pro Leagues. We do this to keep the game competitive by giving talented new players  the chance to face against the best in the world.  The Power reset works follows: 

  • Players above 4000 Power (Platinum 5) but below 6500 Power (Diamond 5) will be reset to 4000 Power.
  • Players above 6500 Power (Diamond 5) will be reset to 6500 Power.
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Season 6 - 01/28/2021

Season 6
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