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Season 4 - Save the Bees!

Season 4
Season 1 08/17/2020
Season 2 09/01/2020
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Season 3 10/01/2020
Season 4 11/01/2020
Season 5 12/01/2020
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Season 6 01/03/2021
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With Buck being everywhere on Planet Doh, Bees have become an endangered species. By the time everyone finds out how important they are to Doh production, it might be too late. The Blue team discusses banning Bee-hunting, igniting the Red Army’s outrage, who then decides to use a recently acquired piece of tech (Cybuck) to take matters into their own hands.

Taking advantage of the fact that everyone now looks like Buck, Giggles (better known as The Flying Killer Clown) escapes the mental institution where he was being held.

In the meantime, the Devil realizes that his army of Minidevil clones is racking up quite the bill, and is forced to come up with an alternative source of income.

Feature Design


  • Changes to Season Activities: Players that own the Pass will be able to do every season activity, while non-pass owners will not be able to complete the whole board.
  • In the last days of the month, players will be able to pay Gems in order to complete Missions from the Season Board.



A new Brawl will be added at the end of the month called Where’s the Doh? Players will have to play with a limited amount of Doh and will not generate Doh over time.

Season Pass


Along with the Season 4 launch, we will also release the Season Pass during the same time period.

The Season Pass is a $4.99 pack that offers the following perks:

  • Season XL chests (Season participation required)
  • Exclusive Season Skin! (Season participation required)
  • Season Taunt and Text Bubble! (Season participation required)
  • Perk: Queue chests automatically
  • Perk: Unlock the Lord Pigmore skin
  • Perk: 5 Gems for each of your Club members
  • Access to the Monthly Brawl: Where’s the Doh?
  • Access to Season Only Missions on the Season Board.


Players can purchase the Season Pass at any time as long as the Season is running. All the locked Season rewards on previous milestones can also be redeemed after the purchase. The Season Pass is NOT a subscription pack, meaning players need to manually purchase Season Pass if they want to get the new rewards and maintain the perks (ie. Queue chests automatically).

Brawl Sales


Besides the existing brawl bundles we re-run during the first three weekends, we will also introduce a new bundle featuring Where’s the Doh? Brawl.



Two new units will be released this month.

Unity Info
Flying Killer Clown
Troop Type
Doh Cost
Main Skills
A flying unit that can turn into a ground unit. Balloons pop as it receives damage (85%, 70%, 55%, and at 40% last baloon is popped. While flying it can only attack flying units at melee range and moves at 4 speed, attack speed 2, Damage 4800. When the last balloon pops (40% health), it pulls out a machine gun and becomes a ground ranged unit with 4 movement speed, 16 range and 200 damage and 0.4 attack speed (can attack ground and air). While there are no flying enemies, just flies randomly.
Giggles the clown had his license revoked after a confrontation with Sheriff Justice. Not able to drive the Clown Car anymore, he has found alternative means of transportation to make sure he never misses a fight.

Unity Info
Bear Trap Red
Troop Type
Ground Building
Doh Cost
Main Skills
How this twisted piece of metal from Foggybottom ended up in the inventory of Detonation Avenue’s top smuggler is anyone’s guess.
How this twisted piece of metal from Foggybottom ended up in the inventory of Detonation Avenue’s top smuggler is anyone’s guess.



We will release the following vanity content. Please note the Season content is only collectible for Season Pass holders.



Season Avatar:

Pro Divisions Avatars:







Grand Master

Grand Master



Season Skin: Commander Stinger
Skin Class: Warlord
Special Power- Hivemind: Flying troops gain % damage.



Season Dance - The Engage
Grand Master Dance: The Nittle



Season Taunt: I surrender
Master Taunt: Yawning
Grand Master Taunt: Look at the time!

Taunts Icons


I Surrender
Look At The Time

Text Bubbles


Grand Master

Balance Changes


  • Sheriff Justice now slows the Commander by 60% for 3 seconds after pulling him.
  • Teleportal will now portal back all units caught inside when used, instead of just one unit.
  • Monkey on Your Back/Banana cost increased to 4 (up from 3).
  • Drill-o-Tron X total damage increased to 1000 up from 900. Also damage will now be applied in 2 seconds total instead of 2.25 seconds.
  • Infestation Mine cost reduced to 2 (down from 3).
  • Buck attack speed changed to 0.6 attacks per second (up from 0.4 attacks per second).
  • Troop Trap time to trap increased to 2.5 seconds (up from 2)
  • Clown Car time to spawn increased to 20 seconds (up from 15).
  • Invisibility cost increased to 3 (up from 2).
  • Mammoth Charge distance increased to 40 (up from 32).

Season Power Reset


At the start of every Season, Power will be reset for players that are in the Pro Leagues. We do this to keep the game competitive by giving talented new players the chance to face against the best in the world. The Power reset works follows:

  • Players above 4000 Power (Platinum 5) but below 6500 Power (Diamond 5) will be reset to 4000 Power.
  • Players above 6500 Power (Diamond 5) will be reset to 6500 Power.
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