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Season 3 - Night of the Witch

Season 3
Season 1 08/17/2020
Season 2 09/01/2020
Chapter 1
Season 3 10/01/2020
Season 4 11/01/2020
Season 5 12/01/2020
Chapter 2
Season 6 01/03/2021
Season 7 02/01/2021
Season 8 02/28/2021
Season 9 03/31/2021
Season 10 04/30/2021
Season 11 05/31/2021
Season 12 06/30/2021
Season 13 07/31/2021
Season 14 08/31/2021
Season 15 09/30/2021
Season 16 10/31/2021
Season 17 11/30/2021
Season 18 12/31/2021
Season 19 01/31/2022
Season 20 02/28/2022
Season 21 03/31/2022
Season 22 04/30/2022
Season 23 05/31/2022
Season 24 06/30/2022
Season 25 07/31/2022
Season 26 08/31/2022

Table of Contents

Feature Design

New Season Activities: We continue with our philosophy of promoting as much card play variety as possible. Players will need to play with over 9 different units to clear the board, amongst other activities.

Commander Progression: Probably the biggest feature to be added to the game this year, Commander Progression will activate different Powers for the Commander’s skin, effectively changing gameplay depending on which skin you are currently equipping.


A new Brawl will be added at the end of the month called What the Buck?


What the Buck is a Game mode where every troop placed on the map will turn into Buck.

Season Pass

Along with the Season 3 launch, we will also release the Season Pass during the same time period.

The Season Pass is a $4.99 pack that offers the following perks:

  • Season XL chests (Season participation required)
  • Exclusive Season Skin! (Season participation required)
  • Season Taunt and Text Bubble! (Season participation required)
  • Perk: Queue chests automatically
  • Perk: Unlock the Lord Pigmore skin
  • Perk: 5 Gems for each of your Club members

Players can purchase the Season Pass at any time as long as the Season is running. All the locked Season rewards on previous milestones can also be redeemed after the purchase. The Season Pass is NOT a subscription pack, meaning players need to manually purchase Season Pass if they want to get the new rewards and maintain the perks (ie. Queue chests automatically).


Four new units will be released this month.

Unity Info
Spell Lab
Troop Type
Doh Cost
Main Skills
Gives the player a choice of three random in-game spells (at the same level as the player’s level). Player taps to choose one. The second use of the card is the spell that was chosen by the player. Artifacts are not included.
The Spell Laboratory was miniaturized so it could be quickly deployed into the battlefield in case the Commander wanted some entertainment.

Unity Info
Troop Type
Doh Cost
Main Skills
Makes units within a 4 radius invisible for 6 seconds or until they attack. Upgrades increase radius by 0.5 and duration by 0.5 seconds.
Both sides have agreed not to overuse this technology after the incident of the Great Battle of Londoh, where nobody showed up.

Unity Info
Troop Type
Doh Cost
Main Skills
Place a couple of invisible fiends on a tower that will disable it for 4 seconds the next time the Tower is used, while exploding for 900 demolition damage. Only damage and duration scales with level by 0.5 seconds. Detection will reveal fiends and make them run away.
If you take Monkeys and feed them Doh shards, you get fiends. This was discovered by the great zoologist Diane Fossil, who died shortly after her discovery.

Unity Info
Troop Type
Ground Building
Doh Cost
Main Skills
Spawns 1 Buck every 8 seconds, to a maximum of 5 Bucks. Self Destructs after the 5th Buck is released. Upgrades decrease spawn time by 0.2 seconds.
The Porta-Potty has been a staple of the Foggybottom home for decades. Buck’s first kiss happened in one of them.


We will release the following vanity content. Please note the Season content is only collectible for Season Pass holders.


Season Avatar:

Pro Divisions Avatars:







Grand Master

Grand Master


Season Skin: Commandracula Skin

Season Skin: Commandracula Skin



The Twiddle



Meaning of Life

Text Bubbles


Grand Master

Cloud Mounts (Purely cosmetic)


Cloud Angry
Cloud Happy

Balance changes for the current Season?

  • Minimmander regular damage increased to 100 (up from 50).
  • Minimmander rage damage increased to 250 (up from 125).
  • Mad Scientist range reduced to 28 (down from 40).
  • Robots are now immune to poison: Hurtbot, Healbot, Killbot, Cybuck.


Besides the new Season and Events, we will release the Commander Progression feature.

Commander Progression allows players to unlock special Passive Powers for their skins. Each skin belongs to one of three skin classes: Inventor, Warlord or Protector. Each class has its own set of Powers which all skins from that class share.

Skin Class
Level 1
Spell duration increased by 5%
Allies take 5% less damage while both Towers are up.
Allies deal 5% more damage when the Commander is below 15% Health

Besides the class Power, each skin has a special Power that is unique to that skin. Some examples of Special Powers are:

Special Powers


Fancy that: Allies gain 10% damage as long as the player is at max Doh.
Hunger: Everytime a troop dies, give a random ally 1% increased damage.
Winning Algortithm: While Immune, Killbot repairs for 2% health per second.
Extravaganza: Artifacts have a 5% chance of costing 0 Doh when used.


To unlock Special Powers, and make each skin more powerful, players have to collect Threads that belong to the skin’s class and spend coins to upgrade the skin.

Season Power Reset

At the start of every Season, Power will be reset for players that are in the Pro Leagues. We do this to keep the game competitive by giving talented new players  the chance to face against the best in the world.  The Power reset works follows:

  • Players above 4000 Power (Platinum 5) but below 6500 Power (Diamond 5) will be reset to 4000 Power.
  • Players above 6500 Power (Diamond 5) will be reset to 6500 Power.
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