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Season 1 - Bombs Away

Season 1
Season 1 08/17/2020
Season 2 09/01/2020
Chapter 1
Season 3 10/01/2020
Season 4 11/01/2020
Season 5 12/01/2020
Chapter 2
Season 6 01/03/2021
Season 7 02/01/2021
Season 8 02/28/2021
Season 9 03/31/2021
Season 10 04/30/2021
Season 11 05/31/2021
Season 12 06/30/2021
Season 13 07/31/2021
Season 14 08/31/2021
Season 15 09/30/2021
Season 16 10/31/2021
Season 17 11/30/2021
Season 18 12/31/2021
Season 19 01/31/2022
Season 20 02/28/2022
Season 21 03/31/2022
Season 22 04/30/2022
Season 23 05/31/2022

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Season 1: Bombs away! finds both Commanders vying for control of the southern jungles of Planet Doh after the Mad Scientist discovers that the native Person Eating Plants can be used as a source of Doh.


The Person Eating Plant now generates 1 Doh if it fully digests a unit.


No new units will be introduced.


There’s no new LiveOps events in July. Players will still have the two existing daily events – Magic Show and Get Social. New Daily and Weekly events will be implemented in v1.4 in August.


Season Pass

Along with the Season 1 launch, we will also release the Season Pass during the same time period.

The Season Pass is a $4.99 pack that offers the following perks:

  • Season XL chests (Season participation required)
  • Exclusive Season Skin! (Season participation required)
  • Season Taunt and Text Bubble! (Season participation required)
  • Perk: Queue chests automatically
  • Perk: Unlock the Lord Pigmore skin
  • Perk: 5 Gems for each of your Club members

Players can purchase the Season Pass at any time as long as the Season 1 is running. All the locked Season rewards on previous milestones can also be redeemed after the purchase. The Season Pass is NOT a subscription pack, meaning players need to manually purchase Season Pass for Season 2 if they want to get the new rewards and maintain the perks (ie. Queue chests automatically).

Season 1: Season Pass


We will release the following content in July. Please note the Season content is only collectible for Season Pass holders.


Season avatar:

Pro Divisions Avatars:

Chop Chop Platinum

Buck Diamond

Yeti Master

Witch GrandMaster


Season Skin: Cammomander Skin


Season Dance: Knapsack Kid

Grand Master Dance: The Swivel


Season Taunt: Take Cover!
Master Taunt: Ninja Flip
Grand Master Taunt: Power Overwhelming

Text Bubbles

Season Text Bubble: Retreat!

Master Text Bubble: Obey your master!

Grand Master Text Bubble: You shall not pass!

Cloud Mounts (Purely cosmetic)

Master Cloud: Angry
Grand Master Cloud: Happy
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Season 6 - 01/28/2021

Season 6
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