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Season 2 - A Little Help Here?

Season 2
Season 1 08/17/2020
Season 2 09/01/2020
Chapter 1
Season 3 10/01/2020
Season 4 11/01/2020
Season 5 12/01/2020
Chapter 2
Season 6 01/03/2021
Season 7 02/01/2021
Season 8 02/28/2021
Season 9 03/31/2021
Season 10 04/30/2021
Season 11 05/31/2021
Season 12 06/30/2021
Season 13 07/31/2021
Season 14 08/31/2021
Season 15 09/30/2021
Season 16 10/31/2021
Season 17 11/30/2021
Season 18 12/31/2021
Season 19 01/31/2022
Season 20 02/28/2022
Season 21 03/31/2022
Season 22 04/30/2022
Season 23 05/31/2022

Table of Contents

Feature Design

New Season Activities: We have shifted the design philosophy of a lot of the activities players can do on the season board, so that they are less grindy, and more play oriented. Players will find that we are now encouraging use of different cards to completecertain tasks, which in turn should shift the player’s decks and strategies to fill the board.


As mentioned, we will release seven new daily events and two new weekly events. Our goal is to create a long-term engagement and excitement around battle by leveraging the LiveOps elements as a limited-time boost.

Daily Events

We added seven daily events starting from this month. The event will last for 24 hours, so players will have one different event every day throughout the whole week.

Event Name
Tower Smashers
Gain Points for Every Tower you Destroy!
Build It
Players will earn Event Points every time they deploy a Building during this Event.
Artifact Frenzy
Players will earn Event Points for every Artifact they use to win Battles.
Go Big or Go Home
Players will earn Event Points for every 6+ Doh Unit they use to win Battles.
Magic Show
Players will earn Event Points for every spell they use to win Battles.
Epic Sunday
Players will earn Event Points every time they use an Epic and Legendary cardto win a Battle.

Weekly Events/Brawls

Unlike Daily Events, which are just the rewarding wrapping on top of the normal battle gameplay, Weekly Events (we call it Brawls) are the special battle mode that create unique gameplay for players to experience.

Brawls have the following features:

  • Exist in a separate tab called “Brawls” under the Event page
  • Does NOT impact players’ Power or Ranking
  • The special game mode has limited time, which means players can only access to the game mode via the Brawls, usually during the weekend


In September, we will release two new Brawls – Full Deck and Respawn.

Full Deck is a Game Mode that allows players to build any unit they want, as long as they have enough Doh.

Respawn is a Game mode where the Commander comes back to life (respawns) when killed and the player that kills both Towers first, wins.

Season Pass

Along with the Season 2 launch, we will also release the Season Pass during the same time period.


The Season Pass is a $4.99 pack that offers the following perks:

  • Season XL chests (Season participation required)
  • Exclusive Season Skin! (Season participation required)
  • Season Taunt and Text Bubble! (Season participation required)
  • Perk: Queue chests automatically
  • Perk: Unlock the Lord Pigmore skin
  • Perk: 5 Gems for each of your Club members

Players can purchase the Season Pass at any time as long as the Season is running. All the locked Season rewards on previous milestones can also be redeemed after the purchase. The Season Pass is NOT a subscription pack, meaning players need to manually purchase Season Pass if they want to get the new rewards and maintain the perks (ie. Queue chests automatically).


Two new units will be released this month.

Unity Info
Troop Type
Ground Troop
Doh Cost
Main Skills
A small version of the Commander that will follow him around, mimicking hisattacks.
Cloned from the missing front tooth of the Commander, whatever he lacks insize, he compensates for in viciousness.

Unity Info
Troop Type
Ground Troop
Doh Cost
Main Skills
The Mammoth will charge at nearby buildings and Commanders for extra damage. The rider will throw snowballs that chill enemies around the Mammoth.
Mammoths were thought to be extinct until zoologists realized they had onlybeen searching the jungles of Planet Doh.


We will release the following vanity content. Please note the Season content is only collectible for Season Pass holders.


Season Avatar:

Pro Division Avatars:

Caveman - Platinum

Caveman – Platinum

Tankerina - Diamond

Tankerina – Diamond

Killbot - Master

Killbot – Master

Mad Scientist - GrandMaster

Mad Scientist – GrandMaster


Season Skin - Labcoat Commander Skin

Season Skin – Labcoat Commander Skin


Season Dance: The Glitch
Grand Master Dance: The Grizzle



Season Taunt: Eureka!
Master Taunt: You got Schooled.
Grand Master Taunt: Beam me up!

Text Bubbles


Cloud Mounts (Purely cosmetic)

Master Cloud: Angry.
Grand Master Cloud: Happy.


Besides the new Season and Events, we will make an overall improvement on Battle UX.

Battle Stats:

Players will now be able to quickly see relevant stats from each battle, like units that dealt the most damage, and which unit killed the Commander.

Replay Improvements:

Players will now be able to see both player’s decks and Doh, as well as fast forward at 2x and 4x speed.

Visual improvements:

Players will notice that some information in battle is a lot clearer such as the health bar of the Commander, or the visuals of when the Doh Bar is full.

Battle Sync and Pathing:

We have worked on several technical improvements to the pathing logic for units and syncing of animations and damage so that strange unit behaviours or weird battle glitches are more uncommon.

Squelch other Players:

Players will now be able to silence text bubbles and taunts from their opponents, in case they prefer a more mellow game experience.

Battle Start and End Screen:

We have done a visual revamp of the Battle Start and End Screen to make relevant information more clear to players.

Season Power Reset

At the start of every Season, Power will be reset for players that are in the Pro Leagues. We do this to keep the game competitive by giving talented new players  the chance to face against the best in the world.  The Power reset works follows:

  • Players above 4000 Power (Platinum 5) but below 6500 Power (Diamond 5) will be reset to 4000 Power.
  • Players above 6500 Power (Diamond 5) will be reset to 6500 Power.
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