0.3.5 and 0.3.6 – Hot Hotfixes
Feb 2, 2017
0.4.5 – Moar Pls!
May 12, 2017

In our biggest update to date, we bring you new units, a new map and a lot of new stuff. Forget everything you know, and get ready to crush some noobs.


  • New Map Layout: We’ve adjusted the map to fit one screen!
  • The Faucet has been removed.
  • Players can Break Dough Barrels to earn extra Dough.
  • Footlockers: Earn Footlockers as you defeat other players, and open them to find new units or to upgrade the ones you already have!
  • Player Progression: Gain levels and make your Commander more powerful.
  • New Armor mechanic for Units: Some units will now be better counters against others.
  • Added Building Queue: Your can queue several buildings at a time so you can focus on the action!


The first season of World War Dough has begun, and all Self-Esteem has been converted to a new currency called Chips, and reset to 0. Expect exciting stuff to come from each season as we add more rewards and challenges!


  • Shieldbot: Protects your allies with an energy shield.
  • Choppa: A flying unit that can disable buildings.
  • Pocket Healer: A friendly robot that will heal friendly units around it.


  • Fixed several issues related to the Commander’s movement.
  • Fixed Facebook Connectivity Issues.
  • Fixed an issue where some devices froze at the end of battle.
  • Fixed an issue with flickering shadows on certain quality settings.
  • Fixed an Issue on PVP where both Commanders built on the same spot.
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez
CEO & Studio Director