0.4.7 – A Man On A Mission!
Jun 17, 2017
0.5.0 – Get in Control
Aug 4, 2017

A new version is here, and with it, Dr. Death arrives to poison everything in his path. But he is not the only one gracing us with his presence: Confetti the Yeti, able to slow everything around him, has joined the ranks of the Commander. New Daily Missions, New Footlockers, and several improvements are also part of the update. This one has it all!


  • Dr. Death has been added to the game. He will poison enemies, one by one, dealing very high damage over time.
  • Confetti the Yeti has been added to the game. He has an aura which slows movement and attack speed of nearby enemy troops.
  • Added new Daily Missions: Now you will be able to complete missions for Dr. Death, Confetti the Yetti, Pocket Healer, Shieldbot, Disposable Teleporter, Snowflake, Firedrill, Bunker, Snipe and the Missile Turret.
  • New Footlocker: Commander’s Footlocker. This Footlocker is filled to the brim with goodies!
  • You can now invite your friends to the game if you are logged into Facebook.


  • Players will now always see their team as blue and enemies as red.
  • Enemy Units are now revealed for a short time when attacking from the Fog of War.
  • Added Commander, Vault, Telescope, and Hospital Info for players that tap their avatar on the Main Menu.
  • Carnage Time Name changed to: No Mercy!
  • Improved Tankerina Attack Speed, Sound and Visuals.
  • Shieldbot shields will now absorb full damage when the amount exceeds the shield value.


  • Catling Gun Health increased.
  • Shieldbot Health increased, and shield cooldown increased.
  • One extra Barrel will spawn now after the first 60 seconds.
  • B.Mine and Snowflake can now be built from afar.
  • Killing mines will no longer cause them to explode.
  • Don Capone Build Time and Cost reduced.
  • Snipe Damage increased.
  • Commander Barrel Cap Time reduced.
  • Buck damage reduced.
  • Pocket Healer cost increased.
  • Firedrill cost increased.
  • Mambo Drop cost increased.
  • Inhumane Cannonball damage slightly reduced.
  • Carnage Time has been renamed to No Mercy!. Automatic dough generation is removed during No Mercy!.
  • Normal Damage now deals reduced damage to the Commander and Objectives.


  • Fixed an Issue that made the game inconsistent when a player disconnected from a match while the match was loading.
  • Fixed an Issue that prevented the medal count on the Medal Footlocker to display correctly.
  • Fixed an Issue that made some Daily Missions reset.
  • Fixed an Issue that didn’t give players the correct amount of chips according to their League when winning a Battle.
  • Fixed an Issue that didn’t update Chips immediately after the player upgraded a Unit.
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez
CEO & Studio Director